Ski Race Help

A site for race timers, adminstrators, technical delegates and officials.

A) Basics For Beginners (2:15:00)

Introduction to the basics of timing. [10:12]

Time-of-Day Timing (what is it?) [9:06]

Mountain Wiring (the cables that move signals around the mountain) [5:22]

Start Box (the wand at the top of the race course) [24:45]

Finish Eyes (the light-beam photocells that stop the racer's time) [19:16]

Finish Eye Polarity (a common frustration of beginners) [4:12]

Cutting Finish Posts (posts should break free if hit by a racer) [6:00]

Communications (how to talk with everybody you need to during the race) [6:14]

Hand Timing (introduction to stopwatches and how to use them) [9:54]

Timing Room Equipment (the stuff you'll be dealing with in mission control) [9:31]

Timer Computer Connectors (how to hook everything up) [3:54]

Synchronizing Timers (this is a critical skill that you will use very often) [6:01]

Timy Installation On New Computer (Get your computer to recognize your Timy) [14:32]

Scratch Sheet (old school still has it's place, scribble notes as you go) [5:52]

B) Split Second Software Explained (1:40:00)

How To Install Split Second on your computer. [7:08]

Header Tab (This is where you enter a lot of data about your race.) [9:18]

Adding Competitors (this is a critical skill, practice increases speed) [24:07]

Factors Lists Tab (how to get the correct points lists into your computer) [5:07]

Live Timing Setup (broadcast your race to the world) [8:16]

Run Data Tab Pt1 (enter forerunners, what time the race starts, weather) [7:02]

Start List (how to generate a first run start list) [4:42]

Run Data Tab Pt2 (remember to go back and enter proper gate-counts) [3:36]

DNF (how to deal with racers who do not finish) [1:04]

Swap With Finish Basic (correcting who just finished) [2:05]

Racer Passing Previous Racer (no longer legal in FIS/USSA scored races...) [1:55]

Missed DNF problem (more advanced trouble shooting on DNF's) [3:59]

False Start (how to deal with a simple false start) [0:59]

Swap With Start (when the person who just left is not who you thought) [3:01]

Timing Log (this is a very critical piece of the software) [4:12]

Time Of Day Edit (how to manually change times) [3:59]

Timing Audit Report (a non-judgemental list of your horrible mistakes) [6:24]

Stats Button (a quick snapshot of your race: racers with times, DNF, DNS, nations) [1:37]

Software Key Tab (where to find information about the software) [1:16]

C) Race Administrator Paperwork Stuff (1:53:00)

USSA Packet Overview (what your final packet should eventually look like) [6:36]

FIS Packet Overview (what your final packet should eventually look like) [6:06]

Race Announcement Schedule (you need to create these) [4:40]

RA Prep Work Before Registration [8:31]

Member Lookup (determine for sure if a competitor or official is a USSA member) [9:20]

USSA Team Captain Meeting (this is a critical piece of running a race!) [7:28]

USSA Jury Minutes (you should generate these for every race, regardless of level) [9:32]

Referee Report (you should be doing this during the race as a courtesy to the Ref) [17:52]

USSA TD Report (you should be doing this during the race as a courtesy to the TD) [23:08]

Accident Report (hope you don't have to, but you will...) [19:51]

D) Simulation of running a race (0:56:00)

Running the First Run (what it looks like on the timing screen) 25:37]

What you need to do between runs [6:30]

Running the Second Run [13:51]

What you need to do after the second run [9:58]

E) Fun with Numbers! (1:40:00)

Timing Technical Report (how to find the data and fill it out properly) [49:38]

Equivalent Electronic Time (EET) (making a hand time on System B time into an equivalent System A time. How to find the data and do the procedure properly) [39:41]

More Time-Of-Day Subtraction Practice [10:26]

F) All Things Penalty Related (2:28:00)

Basic USSA Penalty Calculation [27:46]

USSA Minimum Penalty Rules Explained [13:38]

USSA Penalty With Issues [30:30]

Basic FIS Penalty Calculation [21:05]

FIS Minimum Penalty Rules [5:07]

FIS Penaly Example from ICR [6:01]

FIS Penalty Example With Issues [24:41]

F-Factor Explained (more than you want to know, but are curious about) [18:44]

G) Gatekeeping (1:03:00)

Gatekeeping Slalom Explained (actual training video matched with diagrams, open gates, delays, hairpins, three and four gate flushes, the whole works) [33:58]

Gate Keeper Card (what every gate-keeper card should look like) [13:19]

GS Gate Keeping (easier than slalom, this video does not include single-pole GS) [16:01]

H) More Advanced Topics

Timy Firmware Update [2:48]

Timy Fuse Replacement [8:05]