EET: Equivalent Electronic Time

Do a Penalty Calculation

For this activity I walk you through a basic FIS Penalty Calculation. It is not much harder than a USSA Penalty Calculation. If you can do the FIS version you can do the USSA version. At the end of this I link to videos where I go through calculating more tricky penalties.

To complete this activity you need the following:

Blank FIS Penalty Form (Found in Master Packet of Forms)

First Page of the FIS Points List (this changes every few weeks!)

Split Second System A Race File (SysARaceFile.NatFIS).

(Right Click to download files!)

Watch this video. (It's 21 minutes long.)

1) Open the race file in Split Second and sort the competitors by FIS points --> ascending.

2) For lowest five point holders, copy the bib, name, nation and points into "The best 5 at the start." Be careful to use their bib and not their start number. Be careful not to use any DNS athletes. (DNS = Did Not Start)

3) Sort the competitors by "Combined --> ascending" (total time, best on top).

4) Copy the top ten finishers into "The best 10 at finish" (bib, name, nation, FIS points.)

5) Find the lowest point holders in the top ten and copy their points into the column labeled "Best 5."

**The software does the Race Points for you, but the software does everything for you. The point of these help pages is to learn how to do calculations manually.**

6) Find the correct F-Factor on the first page of the points list. (Note that we are using the list that was valid for this race. For your race you need to use the list that is currently valid. It can be found here:

7) For each of the competitors that you identified in step 5...

a) Divide by the winner's time.

b) Subtract 1 from the result of 7a.

c) Multiply the result of 7b by the F-Factor. (feels like doing taxes...)

The result of 7c is the Race Points for that competitor.

8) Repeat step 7 for all of the best 5, out of the top 10 finishers.

9) Add up all of the FIS points in "The best 5 at the start" and put the result in both of the box B's.

10) Add up all of the FIS points for the best five, out of the top 10 finishers, and put the result in both of the box A's.

11) Add up all of the Race Points for the best five, out of the top 10 finisher, and put the result in both of the box C's.

12) Calculate A+B-C, put it in its box.

13) Divide the result by 10 (that's what ": 10" means) and put it in its box. ***Round to the hundreths. If your result is 14.543 write 14.54. If you result is 18.565 write 18.57.***

***Confusion Alert!!!***

14) The "Correction Value" is the Z-Value on the table. More and more this is 0.00, but not always, so you need to be careful.

***The number that you want to write in the box is the NEGATIVE of the number on the first page of points list! If the value on the FIS sheet is 1.28, you write -1.28 on the form. If the value on the FIS sheet is -0.37 you write +0.37 on the form!***

15) For the "Category Adder..."

a) first find the Race Level up top (if you're running something higher than a FIS or an NJR race then you are hopefully more advanced than this web-page.)

b) next find the appropriate adder in the bottom section and put it in its box on the form.

16) Add up the values in the three boxes from steps 13-15. This is your "Penalty Applied." (Make sure it's not less than the minimum penalty allowed...)

That's a Basic FIS Penalty.

Here are links to videos on other penalty examples:

Basic USSA Penalty

USSA Penalty with issues

FIS Penalty Example from the ICR

FIS Penalty with issues.