EET: Equivalent Electronic Time

Calculate an Equivalent Electronic Time (EET)

To complete this activity you need the following:

Blank EET form (or just paper if you're mathy)

Start Hand Times

Finish Hand Times

Split Second System A Race File (SysARaceFile.NatFIS).

(Right Click to download files!)

We will be doing an EET on the Second Run time for BIB 65!

Watch this example video. (It's 40 minutes long.)

1) Find the second run hand-times for Bib 65.

2) Identify the five racers before and five racers after that have starts and finishes.

3) Calculate the hand-times for all eleven of those competitors.

4) Open the race file in Split Second and find the System A times for the ten competitors around bib 65. (Remember we are pretending that 65 doesn't have an electronic time.)

5) Subtract the System A times from each of the hand times. Keep track of + and -.

6) Add up all of the values in step 5 and divide by 10. (Average difference.)

7) SUBTRACT the time in step 6 from Bib 65's hand time.

8) The result is Bib 65's equivalent electronic time (EET).

Here is my worksheet for this calculation.

Now that you can do it by hand...

Here is the Excel Spreadsheet that will do it for you.

(Found in the Master Packet of Forms).